Volume 25, Nrs. 1-3, 2003


Materials Science Education at Keio University: Adopting U.S. Instruction Practices in Japan, page 1
Kohei M. Itoh 
Keio University, Yokohama, Japan

The New Materials Science and Engineering Curriculum at the Ohio State University Course for Science Students, page 7
P.K. Grupta, P.M. Anderson, R.G. Buchheit, S.A. Dregia, J.J Lannutti, M.J. Mills, and R.L. Snyder 
The Ohio State University; Georgia Institute of Technology

The Cymbal as an Instructional Device for Materials Education, page 13
Mary Anne White and Peter MacMillan 
Dalhousie University

The NSF NSDL "GREEN" Library: Green's Functions Research and Educational Enhancement Network, page 19
L.M. Bartolo, A.C. Powell, G.M. Shreve and V.K. Tewary 
Kent State Universit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; National Institute of Standards and Technology

Using Interactive Multimedia Tools to Teach Materials Characterization Techniques in the Undergraduate Curriculum, page 25
K. Prubner, K. Pingel, J. Becker, H.-P. Dressel, A. Undynko, C. Reiner, M. Schlosse and H.-J. Christ 
University of Siegen, Germany

Managing Student Group Projects in an Introductory Materials Science Course, page 31
Jacqueline A. Isaacs 
Northeastern University

Using Interdisciplinary Examples in Nanotechnology to Teach Concepts of Materials Science and Engineering, page 37
W.C. Crone, A.C. Payne, G.M. Zenner, A.B. Ellis, G.C. Lisensky, S.M. Condren and K.W. Lux 
University of Wisconsin - Madison; Beloit College, Beloit, WI; Christian Brothers Univeersity, Memphis, TN

Incorporating Materials Science into an Undergraduate Applied Physics Curriculum, page 47
Claudio Guerra-Vela and Fredy R. Zypman 
University of Puerto Rico at Humacao; Yeshiva University

An Instructional Two-Dimensional Diffraction Laboratory Using Patterns Created with Electron-Beam Lithography, page 53
Colin Inglefield and Royce Anthon 
Weber State University, University of Utah

Web-Based Data Analysis and Feedback for General Chemistry Laboratory: Improving Analysis with Timely Distance Feedback, page 59
Joseph F. Lomax, Debra K. Dillner and Melonie A. Teichert 
United States Naval Academy

The Junior Laboratory: A Place to Introduce Basics as Well as New Findings, page 65
Luz J. Martinez-Miranda, O.C. Wilson, Jr. and L.G. Salamanca-Riba 
University of Maryland

An Upper Division General Education Course on Materials for non-Engineering Students, page 71
D.F. Bahr and M.G. Norton 
Washington State University Pullman

PUI/MRSEC Collaboration to Create Opportunities for Women in Materials Research, page 79
Velda Goldberg, Michael Kaplan, Leonard Soltzberg, George Malliaras, Helene Schember, and Nevjinder Singhota 
Simmons College; Cornell University

Non-Destructive Techniques for the Characterization of Structural Materials: Materials Science and Engineering Curriculum for the Education of an Innovative Model, page 85
Antonia Moropoulou, Eleni AggelackopoulouNicolas P. Avdelidis and Maria Koui 
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

The Introductory Materials Sciecne and Engineering Course, page 91
William D. Callister, Jr. 
University of Utah

A Multi-Functional Introductory Materials Science Course: Emphasizing Engineering and Achieving Accreditation Objectives, page 101
Katherine C. Chen, Linda S. Vanasupa, and Timothy T. Orling 
California Polytechnic State University


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