List of Contents of Volume 24, Nrs. 4-6, 2002


Materials Education: Opportunities over a Lifetime, page 185
A Report on the 17th Biennial Conference on National Materials Policy,
College Park, Maryland, USA, May 20-21, 2002.
Iver E. Anderson, Lyle H. Schwartz, Katherine T. Faber, G. Slade Cargill III, and Betsy Houston 
Iowa State University, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Northwestern University, Lehigh University, Federation of Materials Societies

The Structure of Matter – A science Literacy Course at USC, page 203
Edward Goo 
University of Southern California

New Subject Matter from Intelligent Materials in Courses of Science at Schools, page 211
P.F. Papelexopoulos and S. Patapis 
University of Athens, Greece

An Introduction to Rheology of Coatings and Lubricant Oils, page 223
Jose Ignacio Iribarren Laco 
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

An Undergraduate Capstone Subject in Design and Processing, page 231
David Roylance 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Course Redesign Cycle and Quality Assurance in Materials Science and Engineering, page 237
Z.H. Stachurski 
Australian National University

Characterization of Commercial and Experimental Diodes, page 245
O.M. Suarez, D.S. Stone, C.J. Kailhofer, and L.J. Casper 
University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, University of Wisconsin-Madison, NanoLithography, Inc

Models of Dislocations for Classroom, page 255
R. Prasad 
Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi


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