Volume 22, Nrs. 4-6, 2000


Exercising Materials and Processes Selection Skills within Multidisciplinary Senior Capstone Design Experiences: A New Educational Approach, page 95
Robert W. Messler, Jr. 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Epoxy Thermosets and their Applications II. Thermal Analysis, page 107
Bryan Bilyeu, Witold Brostow and Kevin P. Menard 
University of North Texas and Perkin-Elmer, LLC

Electroceramic Device Opportunities with Electrophoretic Deposition, page 131
C.A. Randall, J. Van Tassel, A. Hitomi, A. Daga, R.N. Basu and M. Lanagan 
Pennsylvania State University

An Innovative Approach for Training Undergraduate Students in the Research of Materials Science and Engineering, page 147
P. Ruby Mawasha, Paul C. Lam and T.S. Srivatsan 
Wright State University and The University of Akron

Stress Concentration Effects in a Thin Sheet, page 157
Aaron Blicblau 
Swinburne University of Technology

The Black Box, page 165
Mike Meier 
University of California at Davis


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