Volume 20, Nrs. 1-2, 1998


Outcomes Assessment of Educational Approaches: Examples for Materials Science Educators, page 1
Chrysanthe Demetry 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Assessing Online Courseware, page 9
Dylan P. Dizon 
National Learning Foundation

Shared Educational Resource Development for Materials Science and Engineering, page 21
Darcy J.M. Clark 
University of Michigan

Computer-based Interactive Modules Using Mathcad, page 29
Peter M. Anderson 
Ohio State University

PC Material: a program package for teaching and research, page 37
G. Yu, S.T. Lee and J.K. Lai 
City University of Hong Kong

Development of Java Applet Resources For Solid State Materials, page 49
Chu R. Wie and Inmook Na 
State University of New York

Specialist Graduate Education Using the Web, page 57
John A. Venables 
Arizona State University 
Instttut de Physique Experimentale 
University of Sussex

Crystallography for Materials Scientists - An Interactive CAL Approach, page 67
Peter J. Goodhew and Ann Fretwell 
University of Liverpool

Visualizing the Anistropy of Crystals: Nye plus 3-D Graphics, page 1
D. G. Schlom 
Pennsylvania State University

A Distributed Network - Based Course in Organic Molecular Conductors, page 91
J.S. Lee, M.B. Preiss, G. Li, and J.L. Musfeldt 
University of New York at Binghamton 
K.P. Mooney and M.J. Naughton 
State University of New York at Buffalo 
C. Rivera and L. Milhaly 
State University of New York at Stony Brook 
P. Naughton 
Shareware Corporation

See High-Tc: Visualization of Cuprate Superconductors, page 99
John T. McDevitt, Chris E. Jones, Chris T. Jones and Sheila Warren 
University of Texas at Austin

Popularizing Materials, page 107
Philip Ball 

15-Minute "Clips" On Materials Engineering, page 119
Albert Polman 
Utrecht University

Alumni-Contributed Materials Selection Projects in an Introductory Materials Science Course, page 125
Chrysanthe Demetry 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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