Volume 20, Nrs. 3-4, 1998


Undergraduate Laboratory - Wear Properties of Materials, page 1
Angela L. Moran, Justin Carsten, and Gina M. Cover 
United States Naval Academy 
Annapolis, MD 21402

Kinetics of Corrosion in Chemistry Teaching, page 7
Andrej Burewicz and Nikodem Miranowicz 
Adam Mickiewiz University 
Poznan, Poland

Creep Rates and The Activation Energy for Creep in Solder Alloys Using Self Stressing Spirals, page 19
A. Greasely, J. Gunaratnam and G.W. Weidman 
The Open University 
Walton Hall, Mitton Keynes 
MK76AA, United Kingdom

A Novel Way to Represent the 32 Crystallographic Point Groups, page 31
Marc De Graef 
Carnegie Mellon University 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
5000 Forbes Ave 
Pittsburgh, Pa 15213

Phase Change in a One Component System, page 43
Paul W. Brown 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
Penn State University 
University Park, PA 16802

Glass Transition in Polymers I: Statistics, page 57
Valery P. Privalko 
Instituo de Estructra de la Materia, Consejo Superior de Investigacions Cientificas 
Serrane 119 
28006 Madrid Spain

Book Review: Dynamic Loading and Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Composites, page 75
Robert L. Sierakowski and Shiuve K. Chaturverdi 
Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science 
Northwestern University 
Evanston, Il 60208


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