List of Contents of Volume 24, Nrs. 1-3, 2002

The Journal of Materials Education

Flexible Materials Engineering Program at Iowa State University: An Exciting Journey, page 1

Mufit Akinc and Kristen P. Constant
California Polytechnic State University

Physical Properties of Materials: Development of a Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Course for Science Students, page 11

Mary Anne White
Dalhousie University

What Do You Do with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering?,, page 15

A.J. Moll and W.B. Knowlton
Boise State University

Materials Technology Education Program: Impact on Secondary Teachers and Students, page 23

Thomas Stoebe, Guy Whittaker and Karen Hinkley
University of Washington at Seattle, Coupeville High School, Coupeville, WA
Forest Ridge High School, Bellevue, WA

Strategies of Teachers and Learners in Instruction in Materials Science and Engineering [Abstract], page 31

Witold Brostow
University of North Texas

Material as the Gateway to Science, Engineering and Technology (MAGSET) [Abstract], page 32

D.L. Evans
Arizona State University

What are We Doing to improve Science Education for Middle and High School Students? [Abstract], page 33

R.P.H. Chang
Northwestern University

Interactive Software for Materials Teaching, page 35

Peter J. Goodhew
University of Liverpool

Combined Research and Curriculum Development of Web-Based Educational Modules on Mechanical Behavior of Materials, page 41

R.D. Kriz, D. Farkas, R.C. Batra, R.T. Levensalor and S.D. Parikh
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

,A Flexible Learning Studio for Materials Science and Engineering Education page 53

C.H.J. Davies, T.R. Finlayson and P. Hines
Monash University

Laboratory Experiences in Electronic Materials at the University of Michigan [Abstract], page 63

R.S. Goldman
University of Michigan

Computer Simulation in Materials Teaching [Abstract], page 64

Yoshio Kamishina
Shimane University

A Holistic Approach to Materials Process Design, page 65

Mitsuko Fujiwara, J. Carl Pirkle, Jr., Timokleia Togkalidou, David L. Ma, Rudiyanto Gunawan and Richard D. Braatz
University of Illionois

A Generalized Strength-of-Materials Formation for the Young’s Modulus of Composite Materials [Abstract], page 71

T.c. Lim
National University of Singapore and Instron Singapore Pte. Ltd

A World-Wide Web Based Manufacturing Consulting System (WebMCS) for Process/Material Selection in Concurrent Product Design for Manufacturing [Abstract], page 72

X.F. Zha and H.J. Du
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Application of Crystallographic Databases to Materials [Abstract], page 74

J. Faber, S. Kabekkodu and R. Jenkins
International Center for Diffraction Data

Industrial-Academic Internships at IBM-Almaden under NSF Programs [Abstract], page 85

Chas. G. Wade, Dolores Miller, John Baglin, Marni Goldman, Brenda Waller, Malinda Pauly, Joe Pesek, and Maureen Scharberg
IBM Almaden Research Center, Stanford University, MDL Information Systems, Santa Clara University, San Jose State University

Basic Research in Materials Science and Economic Sustainable Growth, page 87

H. – U. Habermeier
MPI fur Festkorperforschung, Stuttgart

International Study Courses in Materials Science and Engineering in Germany – Present Trends and Developments, page 99

Frank Paul
Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel

Italy-USA Joint Doctoral Program in Materials for Environmental and Energy Applications, page 109

Enrico Traversa and Eric D. Wachsman
University of Rome, University of Florida, Gainesville

Materials Education in Japan, page 115

Masao Doyama
Teikyo University of Science and Technology

Materials Science and Engineering Education in Korean Universities, page 123

Sang-Hee Cho, Jeong-Joo Kim, Joon-Hyung Lee and Doh-Yeon Kim
Kyungpook National University, Seoul National University

Materials Education in Taiwan, page 133

L.J. Chen
National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwain

Materials Science and Engineering Education in Singapore, page 141

Michael R. Philpott
National University of Singapore

Running a Materials Engineering Course – The NTU Experience [Abstract], page 149

Fong Hock Sun
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Perspectives of Education in Materials Science, Engineering and Technology in the Indian Universities – A Critical Study, page 151

V.R. Kilkarni, T.K. Vishnuvardhan and C. Basavaraja
Gulbarga University, India

Materials Science Education at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, page 157

B.S.B. Karunaratne and M.A. Careem
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Materials Science Education at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of the Slovak University of Technology, page 165

Miroslava Ozvoldova and Milan Turna
Slovak University of Technology

Teaching the Teechnology of Welding at the Slovak University of Technology, page 173

Milan Turna, M. Ozvoldova and P. Polak
Slovak University of Technology

Basic and Research Training for the New Millennium: The Model of the Timbuktu Academy, page 177

Diola Bagayoko, Rambabu Bobba, E.L. Kelley and Saleem Hasan
Southern University and AM College, Baton Rouge

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