List of Contents of Volume 21, Nrs. 3-4, 1999

The Journal of Materials Education

Egg Bungee Cord Drop, page 157

Robert A. McCoy
Youngstown State University

A Multiple-Choice Tool For Teaching Materials Science Over The Internet, page 163

T. W. Ng
National University of Singapore

Measurement of Viscosity: Classroom Demonstration, page 169

Richard Griffin and Lance Terrill
Texas A&M University

Course Profile: Materials Failure Analysis and Prevention, page 175

Angela L. Moran
United States Naval Academy

USAFAíS Material Science Degree, page 183

R. Racicot and J. Wilkes
United States Air Force Academy

Unique Properties of Ion-Containing Soft Materials, page 187

Ray. K. Schultz* and Amy E. Michel^
*Ursinus College, ^U. of Colorado at Boulder

Polymer-Modified Cements: Determination of Their Adhesive Properties, page 197

Artemio Palos and Nandika Anne DíSouza
University of North Texas

Interpreting Ternary Phase Diagrams, page 203

Paul Brown
Penn State University

A Proxy Experiment for X-Ray Diffraction, page 221

T. W. Ng
National University of Singapore

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