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Editors-in-Chief: John E.E. Baglin, Witold Brostow, and James A. Clum
Founding Editor: Rostum Roy
Coordinating Editor: James. A. Clum
Editor of the Spanish Edition: Victor M. Castaņo

Submission of manuscripts in English:

James A. Clum
Materials Science & Engineering Dept.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1509 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706-1595, USA
Telephone 1-608-265-6067
Fax: 1-608-262-8353

Submission of manuscripts in Spanish:

Victor M. Castaņo
A. P. 1-1010
Queretaro, Qro. 76000
Telephone 52-42-340-820
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Instructions for Authors (download file)

J.E.E. Baglin 1, Witold Brostow 2 and J.A. Clum 3

1 IBM Almaden Research Center, 650 Harry Road, San Jose, CA 95120, USA;

2 Department of Materials Science, University of North Texas, P.O. Box 5308, Denton, TX 76203, USA;

3 Materials Science & Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1509 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706-1595, USA;


The Journal of Materials Education (JME) is an international peer-reviewed professional journal, publishing scholarly articles, review papers, and reviews of teaching resources in order to foster communication on subjects related to Materials Education. Submission of original manuscripts is welcomed. This article provides guidelines for authors, using itself as a model. Authors are requested to use these guidelines judiciously in the preparation of manuscripts.

Keywords: Journal of Materials Education; author instructions; style manual


JME will consider publication of original manuscripts that can make constructive contributions to the progress of education in the area of materials science and/or engineering. Examples of appropriate topics include: reports of innovations in teaching techniques or resources; comparative studies of different pedagogical approaches in the context of materials education; development of general or specialized curricula and courses; development and use of novel delivery systems; tutorial articles on new materials, processing or characterization techniques not yet covered in text books; reviews of education resources, laboratory modules or textbooks; outreach enterprises. Articles may refer to teaching at any academic (or non-academic) level.


Evaluation of the success or failure of novel approaches in an objective way is regarded as a critical component for most manuscripts.


Manuscripts must be written clearly in good English, consistent with the guidelines of the Style Manual of the American Institute of Physics. Papers should be concise and clearly organized, making judicious use of sections and sub-sections for clarification and ease of reading. Acronyms should be translated at their first occurrence, either in text or as footnotes.

The use of SI units is expected.


This article exemplifies the layout and format details adopted by JME. Further illustration may be found in recent issues of JME.


The manuscript should include a brief abstract, a short list of keywords, logical sections and subsections of text, and a list of references at the end. If it adds useful contextual information to the manuscript, a brief statement "About the Author" may occasionally be appended.


Referenced publications and resources should be cited in text as numerical superscripts1,2, 4-9. If the authors' names are used in text, they should appear as "Jones et al."5 .

In the list of references, citations should follow the style examples quoted below:

1. J.M. Smath, R.Q. Jines and F.X. Green, J. Mater. Ed. 25,  955 (1998).

2. X.Y. Zip, Habits of Schroedinger's Cat, Chapter 4 in Quantum Animals,  ed. Y.X. Zap, Jim Woolley Publishers, Chicago, 1938, page 131.

3. P.D.Q. Bach, Early Musing,  Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Virtual Materials, University of Somewhere, 1925.

4. Private communication,  U. Too, Dept. of Education, University of Far Side, Lunar, XY, Antarctica.



Black-and-white graphics must be clear (including all labels) after reduction to suit the format of JME. Although some figures will require the width of two columns, authors should initially try to plan for clarity in a single column. All graphical axes must be labelled and scaled appropriately.

Half-tone photographs with high contrast are acceptable, and should be submitted as separate originals.

Since JME does not publish in color, authors should pay special attention to the black-and-white appearance and resolution of grey-scale images of computer displays that originally contained color.

Figure Captions

Each Figure should be given a brief caption. A separate list of Figure Captions should be appended to the manuscript.


Each equation should be numbered at the right hand margin, and cited in text as Eq.1, etc.

      F = m * a         (1)


Tables should be numbered sequentially, and each Table given a brief caption.


Submit two complete duplicate copies plus an "original" with original graphics.

Submission of a manuscript for publication in JME constitutes a statement by the authors that the article is original, and is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere.


The name, full address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be provided on a title/cover page.



JME prefers to receive electronic manuscripts prepared in Microsoft Word, or WordPerfect, or in text format. It will greatly assist the technical publication process if the software version is provided to JME on a standard diskette, or as an e-mail attachment. A hard copy, in duplicate, is also requested.


Soft copy of graphics may be provided as bit maps, TIF files, JPEG files, or most other standard formats. Figures should NOT be embedded in the text of the article, since JME will do that placement after imposing standard JME layout and format on the manuscript. A clearly printed, high contrast hard copy of each Figure should also be included with the manuscript.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Prof. James A. Clum
Editor, JME
Materials Science & Engineering Dept.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1509 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706-1595, USA.

For further information:

Tel.: 1- 608-265-6067
Fax: 1-608-262-8353

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